Thursday, August 13, 2009

a breakthrough.

little miss has had a breakthrough with her sleeping. i am very happy to say that she is now sleeping about 10 hours straight in her own bed. she sleeps from 730 or 8 to 5 or 6.. eats and then sleeps until about 7 or 730. it is marvelous. i do miss her terribly when she is not in bed with us. but she is getting excellent sleep and so it is worth it. i on the other hand am not sleeping that great because i lay awake worrying about her and wondering if she is still breathing or if someone is going to get her. i sit there with the monitor up as loud as it goes and listen to the sounds of the ocean. (she has to have her ocean cd on all night every night. oh well.. as long as she sleeps.) i am sure i will get used to her not being in bed with us but for now i am not. i am sad that my little bebe is growing up so fast. she is a crack up and we love every new thing she learns but it is going by way too fast! she is going to be a year before we know it. she has started boycotting solids. she only wants to breastfeed. we will work on that in time though. for now.. i keep trying every morning and afternoon but she will only take a few bites then its closed lips and turns of the head for about 5 minutes and then some fussing until i take her out of her highchair. she knows what she wants and she always gets it because she is just too darn cute to say no to. dont worry.. she is on a multi-vitamin. we are having so much fun being momma and daddy that we dont know what to do with ourselves. we already have wrinkles from smiling and laughing so much at her. cant say it enough.. love this girl.
something funky is going on with my iphoto so i am not going to post any pictures until i figure it out. soon though.. soon.


Daniel, Sara and Dmitri said...

I wouldn't worry too much that someone might take her - she has the safest room location in the house!
Especially since they'd have to pass yours and Pete's room first :)
But I hear ya - I kind of set a booby trap in front of Dmitri's window every night! And I also have the monitor as loud as it can go :}
Has she started on Gerber Puffs yet? If not - see if she'll eat those. They have some other easy dissolve treats too. Hopefully that'll help!

~*~toni~*~ said...

YAY!!! You ARE the woman!!! She is an angel....and so is her mama!!!

kalista said...

I'm so glad Olive is sleeping well! Transitioning from co-sleeping is much more difficult when they're older, so it is good you did it when you did. Addi is 17 months old and we're just now getting her to sleep in her crib...Not easy! Olive is beautiful!